Environmental Monitoring

Integrated water resources management

– Integrated water resources management, at national, basin and river level

– Water level monitoring (data logger)

– Hydrological and basin modelling (Mike Basin)

– Drainage system extraction and analysis, 

– National water information systems development (Burkina Faso, Guinea Bissau, Kagera).


– Forest inventories and mapping (Rwanda, Madagascar, East Africa IGAD).

– Agroforestry mapping (Rwanda, Burundi)

Biodiversity and conservation

– Monitoring of protected ecosystems (national park),

– GPS anti-poaching systems.

Meteorology and climate change

– time series analysis,

– short weather forecast,

– setup of complete meteorological station.

– Impact of climate change on protected areas and vegetation development.

– Support to climate change mitigation and resilience for local communities and national decision makers.

Soil and land cover

– land use/land cover mapping,

– land degradation and erosion modelling,

– vegetation monitoring.

Agricultural monitoring

– yield forecasting (European CAP),

– CAP subsitidies monitoring using RS techniques,

– Olive and vineyard EU monitoring systems.

Land management

– cadastral surveys,

– mapping and land registration (Madagascar, Rwanda, Burundi),

– setup of land information management and land administration systems.

NRM policies and environmental impact assessment

– Development of national and regional policies on environment monitoring,

– Methods and tools for spatial Environmental Impact Assessment studies.